RiverSmart Homes – Rain Barrel Program

Through the District Department of Environment (DDOE) RiverSmart Homes program, district homeowners can apply to receive up to two (2) rain barrels along with installation, for a co-payment of $45.00 each.  The first step in the process is to fill out the application form on the DDOE website.  After an initial audit by the DDOE, DC Greenworks delivers and installs the rain barrel.  

The approved program barrel is the 132-gallon RiverSafe barrel, manufactured locally in Ellicott City by RiverSides,  a non-profit.   The barrel features include

  • a filtration system
  • a built-in diverter for the winter
  • full-enclosure to discourage mosquito habitat
  • 100% recycled plastic content
Along with the barrel, installation also includes four cement blocks to provide elevation, flex tubing to connect the barrel to the downspout, and starting Fall of 2012, a 25′ low-pressure soaker hose.

Rain barrels installed through RiverSmart Homes.