rain barrels

By partnering with the District Department of the Environment (DDOE), DC Greenworks has helped DC residents install over 3,200 rain barrels at homes, buildings, community gardens, and urban agriculture projects. These barrels are collecting over 400,000 gallons of storm water each time they are filled during a rain event, preventing pollutants from entering our local waterways, recharging the water table and filtering that water as it seeps into the table.

Rain barrels are a great tool for capturing rainwater for uses around a building that include soaking a garden, watering a composter, or washing a car.  And reuse of collected rainwater can significantly reduce your billed municipal water.  For more on rain barrels basics, see our FAQ page.  Here is what one client says about his rain barrel:

“You knocked on the right door. The area where my barrel was installed used to be 100 square feet of dirt; however, since installation last September about 45 percent of the area now has grass, and that is without seed. Since then I have added seed and slowly but surely I am hoping to have 10 square feet of grass where once I had dirt because the lack of water the area received. The rain barrel has changed all that for me.”

In partnership with the DDOE, DC Greenworks offers homeowners discount rain barrels through two programs and can provide consultation and installation services in each case. We are also a distributor of RainSaucers, a rain barrel accessory (for separate purchase and not part of either discount program).


DDOE installation

RiverSmart Homes – Rain Barrel Program

RiverSmart Homes is a turnkey District Department of Environment (DDOE) program. District homeowners can sign up to receive up to two (2) rain barrels along with installation, for a co-payment of $45.00 each.

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dc greenworks is a distributor of RainSaucers, a rain barrel accessory that allows homeowners to harvest rainwater without a downspout connection.

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Rain Barrel Rebate Program

The RiverSmart Rebate program allows homeowners to purchase discounted rain barrels through dc greenworks, installation not included. This DIY program offers a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

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* Rain Barrel Consultation and Installation Service

dc greenworks is here to assist you in the selection and installation of your very own rain barrel!