rainwater conservation and reuse

Urban areas are losing green space at an accelerating rate.  As population grows and migrates to cities, more land is developed for buildings and infrastructure.  Much of this construction consists of impermeable surfaces – streets, parking lots and rooftops.  An increasing amount of the rainfall is flowing off of these surfaces and into storm drains that exit into waterways.

Rainwater washes over 70,000 tons of trash and toxic pollution directly into District waterways every year.  By capturing rainwater in green roofs, rain gardens and rain barrels, the volume of pollutants, toxins, and trash entering the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers, and Rock Creek is lessened.  The greater the collection and abatement of rainwater on site, the goal of restoring our rivers and streams to better health for aquatic life and recreational uses is approachable.

DC Greenworks provides full-service green roofrain barrel and rain garden design, installation and consulting.


green roof

A green roof is an assembly of materials, including plants, that is added to a traditional roof system. Also known as “vegetated roofs”, green roofs are an energy-efficient, ecologically-sensitive upgrade to the typical roof finishes of tar, gravel, asphalt and plastic membranes, usually seen on urban rooftops.

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rain barrels

Water is essential to life. Rain barrels are a great tool to collect rainwater for other uses around a building. Though rain barrels are considered a low impact development technology, they have been used in various forms…

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rain garden

rain garden/native habitat garden/bayscaping

Rain gardens are depressed or “bowl-shaped” landscaped areas that function as miniature wetlands. Typically planted with wildflowers and other native vegetation, a rain garden provides a place for…

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