what we do

DC Greenworks is building a new sustainable economy, focusing on the conservation and reuse of our rainwater.  We use living materials to build green roofs, green walls and rain gardens, as well as rain barrels and cisterns for rainwater capture.  We educate and train communities in green infrastructure technologies through hands-on learning.  DC Greenworks makes an impact with our programs that:

  • Reduce rainwater runoff and the pollutants it carries into our waterways and the Chesapeake Bay
  • Reduce energy and utility costs through  green infrastructure best practices, including green roofs
  • Engage school children in restoring and protecting our natural resources and habitats through hands-on projects
Green infrastructure technologies have economic, social and environmental benefits for individuals and communities.  DC Greenworks has a range of design and construction services to assist you.

rainwater conservation & reuse

Living in the city has its share of challenges.  Stormwater washes over 70,000 tons of trash, sediment, and toxic pollution directly into District rivers every year.  By catching it in rain gardens, green roofs, rain barrels and using other best management practices (BMP)

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schools & institutions

Many schools in the DC area have partnered with dc greenworks to implement projects that reduce the stormwater in their area. While making these a reality, students also have the chance to learn in a hands-on atmosphere…

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urban agriculture

Nothing defines fresh and local like growing food in your own backyard – or on your own roof for that matter! Urban agriculture is critical to improving our food security and safety, while also reducing our carbon footprint, and improving our nutritious food balance…

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design and construction services

Implementing your own LID projects can seem daunting. Because of this, dc greenworks offers design, construction and consulting services so that we can see more green space on and around our buildings. By partnering with…

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green job training

Several major cities, including Washington, D.C., are exploring how an urban green infrastructure can be a resource that returns money to the city and provides jobs for residents. Studies show that cities with healthy environments also have healthy economies…

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