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Home owners in the Washington Region are experiencing the multitude of benefits from green roofs. The examples in this section show how residential projects create additional green spaces, private outdoor relaxation areas, increased butterfly, bird, and pollinator activity. They also provide fantastic rainwater management, outstanding roof longevity, and improved heating and cooling efficiency.


Commercial properties in DC can take advantage of local government policy and incentive programs that are among the nation’s best in encouraging green roof construction. The economic benefits of extended roof life and energy savings are substantial. Desirability of rooftop green space translates to higher occupancy rates.


Schools and institutions across the District are increasing green space on their facilities with our help. These projects bring about a plethora of environmental benefit, and offer students numerous opportunities to learn about LID projects. Through partnerships with these schools, we are changing attitudes and behaviors while creating beautiful arrangements of greenery atop the heat islands that used to be.


A number of government buildings have incorporated green roofs into their design. Their large surface areas are now helping to reduce the stormwater runoff into the waterways we seek to protect. By implementing these projects, these agencies are leading the way to greener policies by creating eye-catching examples.