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who we are

We are a growing group of initiators and implementers from a variety of backgrounds.  The DC Greenworks mission is carried out by our staff, our board and an array of volunteers from across our region.  With a shared vision, we take on challenges that call upon the experience, skills and imagination of our team to bring a project to life. Learn more about our staff and board.

our mission:

DC Greenworks is leading the growth of a green industry that improves the environmental health of our communities in DC and across the Chesapeake Bay Watershed by restoring and renewing waterways, habitats and communities – unlocking long-term economic opportunities for the region and its inhabitants.

our vision:

DC Greenworks imagines a society where the conservation and reuse of rainfall is an integral part of everyday life for the health and wellbeing of all living things and the environment and where supporting technologies, both traditional and innovative, combine to create green jobs, a vibrant ecosystem, and robust communities.


For more about DC Greenworks and the future we are working towards, read our 2012 – 2014 strategic plan.