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tackling the green urban challenge

growing livable communities using living materials

DC Greenworks is a 501(c)(3) social enterprise serving the Washington, DC community by providing training, tools, and technologies that utilize, advance, and protect the environment.

DC Greenworks empowers residents and neighborhood groups to restore and preserve their communities;

  • as a tireless green roof advocate and educator,
  • and a one-stop shop for Low Impact Development (LID) consultation, design, and installation.

DC Greenworks sees a vital connection between ecology and economy, between employment potential and environmental sustainability.  We actively promote and deliver cutting-edge solutions that are cost-effective and eco-friendly.

DC Greenworks engages all levels of community, encouraging grassroots participation for creative solutions that reduce pollution and create a higher quality of life.  As an environmental advocate, DC Greenworks believes in strengthening communities through knowledge and hands-on participation.  Our hope is to make DC’s ecology and environment accessible and relevant, bridging diverse peoples and communities.

DC Greenworks began its work 19 years ago, creating a space for good things to grow.  We catalyze communities into action to bring their green ideas to fruition through training and technology.

Take a look at our portfolio.

our objective

We change people’s attitudes and behaviors toward rainwater from that of a nuisance, to one of an asset for conservation and reuse.  Improving the health of our local waterways is dependent upon reducing runoff into the rivers, streams and tributaries throughout the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.  Through our efforts we are demonstrating the opportunity for a green industry based on restoring and preserving our bountiful water resources.

our impact

We are saving people money and improving their health every day.  Green Infrastructure technologies employ a range of skills and disciplines; from engineers to growers, scientists to laborers; and create business start-up opportunities in an emerging industry.

Green Infrastructure raises the efficiency of heating and cooling equipment, lowering operating and maintenance costs.

Green Infrastructure reduces air and water pollution, cleaning the environment and reducing health costs for residents.

Saving money, improving health and creating jobs in every neighborhood of our city and across the region are the outcomes of a Green Infrastructure approach to our environmental challenges.