A Greener Approach to Runoff

March 19, 2012

Here’s the Letter to the Editor that we submitted today.  This in response to an editorial that appeared in the NYT last week, which you can read here:

Regarding the March 15 editorial, “A Greener Approach to Runoff”, we also applaud New York City’s $2.4 billion commitment to green infrastructure announced last week.  In combination with conventional grey infrastructure, green infrastructure is always more cost-effective than a grey only-solution, and it offers triple bottom-line benefits that grey infrastructure cannot.  We think it curious, however, that the Times’ estimates for overflow reduction through green infrastructure are only “5% or so”; with Philadelphia aiming to achieve a majority of its CSO reduction through green infrastructure over the next 25 years, perhaps New York is setting its sights too low.

– dc greenworks


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